A Little History & What We Do

We first opened for business in 2004 and have been serving Brighton, and the rest of Sussex and surrounding areas, ever since.  The business is owned and run by Lesley Cochrane BA (Hons), who is a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended framer (GCF), and Laura Stewart.  Lesley has over 25 years experience in the picture framing trade as well as being an artist with a particular interest in watercolour and life drawing.  

We offer a full range of bespoke picture framing services, including box framing of any object you can think of, canvas stretching, textile framing and specialise in the use of solid, plain wood mouldings which can be painted or stained to your exact requirements.

All aspects of framing are carried out on the premises (apart from cutting metal frames).  The photo shows our Morso mitre cutter - this has a pair extremely sharp blades, set at angles to produce a clean, precision cuts to the millimetre.

  When you select your moulding of choice we will cut and join the pieces using our Cassesse underpinner shown on the right.  

The underpinner joins the  mitred edges by pulling the two pieces together, clamping them firmly and compressed air fires metal wedges upward into the moulding joining the four corners, leaving no gaps.


We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

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