Examples of stains, waxes and other hand finishes

These are some samples of staining.  We first sand the wood thoroughly then apply the spirit stain - we will do 2 - 3 coats of stain then, when it's completely dry we wax - dry - and finally polish to get the lovely sheen you can see below.  We have a range of around 14 single colour stains which we can also mix to obtain an exact colour for your artwork.  In addition we carry a range of speciality wax finishes.

This is a piece of flat ash that has been stained with teak spirit stain then finished with dark oak wax

This is the other end of the flat ash that has been stained with Golden Oak spirit stain and finished with dark oak wax.

These were two large photographs on canvas that the customer brought to us for ideas.                                            

Lesley loved the textural feel of the images and felt that anything they were framed in should mirror that feeling and be very simple.
Below are some close ups.

Lesley cut 2" lengths of obeche slip to size then used a wire brush to open the grain of the wood.  She then mixed white emulsion with water and some black spirit stain and finished with a dark oak way.


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